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Site-specific Interactive Installation designed for "Update", an exhibition hold by the Rochester Guildhall Museum on the 7th of December 2016.

As a tribute and to “update” the Guildhall Museum, Elise Berdah designed a site-specific interactive installation. She draws a parallel between the past and our society with the use of technology. She based her work on the wallpaper, essential component of the museum. The wallpaper has been designed by William Morris, during the Victorian Era. Refusing to replace it due to its history, she worked with it, deciding to bring it to life.

From a passive mode, the wallpaper then becomes active and therefore a piece of art in the Museum.

She designed a piece which physically engages the viewer : the work needs to be brought to life by the spectator. Without their movements, the installation, as the wallpaper stay passive.

To make her installation site-specific, she used the site as a physical space. Her concept is transferable but this piece of work in itself has been designed in and for the Rochester Guildhall Museum and will not work elsewhere, due to the unique aspects and physical inspiration from the site.

With this work, she introduced a concept: what if our environment was evolving with our presence? Designing a small scale intervention, Elise Berdah only gives a sense of what it could be, and lets the public decide the end result of the installation.

December 2016

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