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Decathlondon is an event designed for a project pitch. 

Working on the strengths of the brand Decathlon, Elise developed an event concept; which could be happening everywhere in the UK.


The brief is the following : 

"The Designer has to design a large scale event, going on for several weeks, promoting Decathlon. 

  • The event must be about the 20 passion brands. 

  • The event needs to create a Decathlon community in the UK.

  • The event is about « sport-pleasure » »


 Elise designed Decathlondon to answer that brief. Decathlondon is a 2 days sport festival happening in Hyde Park, London. 

The highlight of the week-end is a big race. The race is a relay composed of 18 checkpoints, each checkpoint representing one of Decathlon’s own brand (like Quechua or Tribord). In order to be fun and accessible, each sport will find an ‘funnier’ equivalent. For instance, Tribord and the water-sports, there will be big inflatables structures on the water. Another important point is that the race is community based: the participants will be selected in every borough. At the end, the teams will be composed of people who will not know each other. 

In parallel of the race, there will be a village Decat’town, with sport activities, food, chill areas and live broadcast of the race. 

March 2017

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