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An immersive and interactive installation to raise awareness of sexual consent. 

* This is a touring exhibition. 

Commissioned by the University of Kent, I produced a prototype version as a student; and a professional one as a freelancer. 

I focused on the Tonic Immobility, or freezing: when the victim in response to life-threatening situation ‘freezes’; this response often being misunderstood as passive consent.

    The public starts the experience entering the first booth, and listening to some facts and figures about sexual consent. Then, in the second booth, the person listens to testimonials with both victim and perpetrator's point of view. Lastly, the public is invited to play with a tablet, working like a gamebook, to question its own behaviour and reflect itself.

November 2017

Student Hub (Medway), University of Kent : 24/11/17 - 04/12/17
Keynes Atrium (Canterbury), University of Kent : 04/12/17 - 08/12/17
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