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La Disparition

Typographical oulipo, 'La Disparition' books collection questions readers' eyes.

It is a reflexion about typography and publishing.


The Oulipo movement is about giving yourself game rules to create experimentations. 'La Disparition' is a Perec's oulipo book, written without 'e'. 


The collection of four books play gradually with your eyes, and wonders if we could read in a different way.

The first two books, by keeping only punctuation signs or only the first and last letters of paragraphs; reveal the text's structure, its beat. paragraph,

The third one, with letters replaced by glyph signs, is asking if you really need letters to read. 

The last one is trickier and provocative. Can you notice that every letter has a different font? Text is dancing now.


So, do we need letters? Do we need uniform font?



*Co-designed with Marie Joséphine

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